Sunday, September 26, 2010

That 4 letter word M-O-N-O!!!!!

I think in the book of illnesses,Mono must be one of the worst by far.It feels like POTS only worse,and you have a sore throat and stomach and headache to accompany it.My son is currently in his 4th month of trying to recover from Mono.There is no antibiotic or magic pill they can give you for this,it takes bed rest,lots of liquids and avoiding the heat to recover.His summer was horrible,he couldn't go out to ride his bike or go fishing.....he spent it reading books and playing his PS3.I felt horrible ,knowing this was a summer of his life,lost to illness that he could never get back.He still has mono.It seems once he got into school and started taking Gym,that it reactivated the virus,which,for lack of better words was sort of sleeping.Now he is sick again,He missed 2 days of school last week,has slept away almost the whole weekend,and I doubt he will be going back tomorrow.It's a horrible feeling as a parent to watch your child ,whether they are 6 or 13 suffer.I would gladly be ill in his place,any good parent would say the same thing.Sort of makes me understand why my mother asks me two or three times a day how I am feeling .She feels the same way about me as I feel about my son and daughter.I hope every morning that he will wake up and this awful mono will be all gone.I worry,because I first became ill with POTS after a serious bout of mono that I suffered myself.Please tell me God,that this is not something that is waiting for this bright vibrant boy later in his life,it would kill me inside to see him suffer from this same illness.But again,I do look at the glass as half full,and I wear rose colored glasses most of the time,so for now,I'm just thinking he has mono,it's taking a bit to recover from,and he will be back to his normal smart mouthed,quick thinking,fast to laugh ,self.The one that I adore so much.

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  1. aww one nice thing about pots being so rare... and mono being so common, the chances he'll get pots from mono like you did is very slim. THANK GOD! I hate knowing anyone go through pots, let alone children, when they should be free and energy crazy still. Even if it's only from mono, it's still a horrible illness on them :( I hope he gets better soon... like NOW! I think it's totally adorable how your mom calls you all the time to ask how your doing :) very few people like that it seems!