Saturday, September 18, 2010

"But you don't look sick!"

How many times have I heard that?I have surely lost count by now.As we all get ready for whatever we are doing this weekend,and we leave the house with a smile on our face,at some point someone will have these words uttered to them.You know,we are sort of like the turtle with it's protective shell.Most people only see the tiny claws and head poking out,but what is under the shell is a mystery.So it's the same for us POTSy or Dysautonomia sufferers.People see whats outside,but not whats under the shell.I just want to give you a word of support this morning,to let you know there is a vast group of us who suffer together,mostly via the Internet.I knew nothing about Dysautonomia after being diagnosed until I found You Tube.It saved me.That lead me to face book,and my wonderful support system.We laugh together,cry together,gripe together,we "get it" when someone says they are having a POTSy day.We know what that's like.There are so many resources available on the Internet,I am in the process of trying to link some of those to my blog,but WE GET IT!This weekend,just remember ,when you are told that you look perfectly healthy,remember that turtle and its shell,and what cant be seen by the eye.

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