Saturday, September 18, 2010

Most Common Dysautonomia Symptoms

Ever wonder why you feel some symptoms but not others?Its all normal.we are all different.This is a pretty detailed list of Dysautonomia symptoms that you may or may NOT experience:

 This is a compiled list of symptoms put together by researchers of dysautonomia. You can see why the puzzle is so big and hard to put together and why most days life is a struggle for us. At.any time we can experience any combination of these things not just from day to day, but from hour to hour.


Fainting or near fainting

Generalized weakness

(irregular heart beat that causes conscious awareness of it's beating)
Tremulousness (uncontrolled shaking of body parts)

Seizure like activity

Shortness of breath (air hunger)

Chest discomfort and/or pain

Loss of sweating

Excessive sweating

Loss of sweating and excessive sweating

Delayed gastric emptying

Bloating after meals



Abdominal pain



Bladder dysfunction

Polyuria ( excessive urination)

Pupillary dysfunction
Blurred vision
Tunnel vision

Fatigue (which can be disabling)

Sleep disorders (can cause unrefreshing sleep and an increased need for sleep)Headache/migraine

Myofascial pain (the connective tissue that covers the muscles)
Neuropathic pain (nerve pain)


Tachycardia (rapid heart beat)

Bradycardia (slow heart rate)

Exercise intolerance




Postprandial hypotension (low blood pressure after meals)

Blood pooling in limbs (can make legs feel heavy and appear mottled and purple in color or swell to sometimes twice it’s normal size)

Intolerance to heat

Feeling cold all over

Low blood pressure upon standing

Cognitive impairment(may include difficulties with concentration, brain fog, memory and/or word recall)

Narrowing of upright pulse pressure
Cold hands (and often feet & nose)
Hypovolemia (low blood volume)

High blood pressure


Numbness or tingling sensations

Reduced pulse pressure upon standing

Low back pain

Aching neck and shoulders

Noise sensitivity

Light Sensitivity


Arrhythmias (irregular heart beats)

Chemical sensitivities (May have multiple chemical sensitivity and can be very sensitive to medications - may only need small doses)

Easily over-stimulated

Feeling full quickly
Feeling "wired"

Food allergies/sensitivities (some foods seem to make symptoms worse) Hyperreflexia
(overreactive reflexes)
Irregular menstrual cycles

Loss of appetite

Loss of sex drive

Muscle aches and/or joint pains

Swollen nodules/lymph nodes

Polydipsia (excessive thirst)

Weight loss or gain

Feeling detached from surroundings

Restless leg syndrome

Thanks again for taking the time to read.


  1. wow I'd say you pretty much covered them all. which is cool bc you always seem to see ones that are missing, so it's cool to see somewhere with ALL of them. loving this so far :) *hugs*

  2. I get pretty much every symptom on the list and more besides!

  3. Is it true that hypoglycemia can also result from having dysautonomia?

  4. Findings your blog has literally saved my life. I can't thank you enough for sharing.

  5. Unable to fall asleep, because I get a signal to wake up constantly. One symptom of several.