Monday, September 13, 2010

Nausea is NOT a girls best friend!

Well,to cut to the chase in the article today,Nausea is BAD.You know in my first article I was explaining how my family Dr sent me to a Neurologist.He was a great guy,I would have loved to have shared a bottle of wine with him discussing POTS,and everything he knew about it.He trained at Harvard,studied in POTS,when I first saw him he told me I was a text book case of POTS,and there was a clinical study going on in Boston that I would probably get in to.Angels singing and bells chiming in my head!This was it!I would get help!Nope,it didnt happen.I didn't "qualify" for the case study in Boston.The air was slowly let out of my balloon of happiness as one thing or another dragged this illness forward with no diagnosis by him,and no treatment for me other than salt tablets!Salt Tablets helped a little,they raise blood pressure by raising blood volume,and then heart rate drops.It worked....and I gained about 35 pounds!So Finally I layed it on the line with him because I was determined to get some medicine.I waited 6 months to get into a Neurologist at Barnes/Washington University In St Louis Missouri.13 tubes of blood,a EMG,And nerve conduction study later(I will discuss this further later)and 2 weeks later,I an on a wonder drug called"propranolol"My heart is breezing along at a pleasant 72 b.p.m. as opposed to 155.I can breathe with no shortness of breathe.I can do more...BUT the Nausea is now this girls new best friend.Seems to be much worse in the afternoon when all I can do is lay on the bed with a heating pad clutched to my stomach,like a life preserver clutched to someone flailing in the water.I called my wonderful family Dr,Who has been fantastic through all of this to ask if I could get some medicine for the nausea.He said to contact the Neurologist,who then told me I must wait for my appt with the Cardiologist who will be monitoring my heart and blood pressure,before any further medicine will be given.I have to wait??I am crying on the floor in my mind like a 4 year old who can't get the toy they so desperately want.Nausea.....until I see my New Dr,is a girls best friend.:o(

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