Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Propranolol,Part 2

O.k. It could have happened to anyone,the pharmacy problem,but yesterday,after I posted how great things are with my new medicine,things steadily declined through the afternoon,enough for me to know how much I LOVE Propranolol,and I don't ever want it to go away!

Seems the pharmacy,due to insurance was unable to refill my prescription for 3 more days.....I was waiting for my prescription to be brought home by Kevin yesterday for my afternoon pill.The Pharmacy and myself both tried to call the Neurologist in St Louis to get the prescription changed.No such luck,you get caught in a web of phone transfers and lengthy voice mails.I was panicked,and as the afternoon wore on,my heart began to pound,the nausea returned,as did the shortness of breath.I hated knowing it was this easy for me to feel horrible again,missing one pill could do this to me......then I had an epiphany(angels singing,bells chimed)as I remembered my old Neurologist said he would be here if I ever needed him for any reason.This was at 4 :00 in the afternoon.I had his nurses direct line,but got her voicemail stating all calls after 3 pm would be returned the next business day.I left a panicked message in tears,telling them the whole situation,and how I needed these pills NOW.I hung up,feeling more disheartened.45 minutes later,Debbie,my former Neurologists nurse called me back and said Dr Mettu had wrote the prescription out,and it had been called in.I wanted to squeeze her through the phone,instead I thanked her profusely.Kevin went straight away to the pharmacy,got my prescription and brought it home,by this time I was laying on the bed feeling horrible.I took my pill,and within an hour or so,I began to feel the pounding heart go away,the labored breathing and the nausea.My old Neurologist was a life saver,while the new one is great,he is from a University in St Louis with a HIGH case load,and just had not gotten around to fixing the problem with my prescription so insurance would cover it.

I now know how much I depend on this little pill,and the fear I felt inside with my symptoms returning so quickly.For now,the rose colored glasses are put in a drawer.I am sure they will come out again when I am feeling more secure about my health.I saw how quickly things with POTS can go from good to bad,and it scared me,just missing one pill.But for right now,no rose colored glasses for me,just Propranolol 80 mg 2 times daily.

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  1. omg just from missing one!!! that's crazy! yeah regardless of his case load, he needs to be on the ball about those things. thank god for your old neuro!!! *hugs*