Wednesday, September 29, 2010

The Dr said.......

The Dr Said that 17 hours of sleep is too much(as if I didn't already know that!)He said not to let my son sleep for longer than 12 hours,because when you sleep for longer periods than that it actually depresses your body.He said you need the sunlight,etc.So no more long bouts of sleeping.It seems he is still recovering from this nasty 4 month long bout of mono he has had.The P.E. class at school when he did drills reactivated the virus which had finally quieted down.So,now we're going through the recovery process again.He plans on going back to school next Monday.In the mean time,he is keeping all his homework caught up,and resting ,drinking lots of fluids.It's tough on a parent to see a vibrant young teenager look so sick!He did have a big laughing spell today,and it did my heart good,reminded me the old him is still in there,just recovering from a nasty illness.

As for me,today has been such a great day,the weather is beautiful here,and I feel pretty medicine has definitely made such a difference in my life,I would be scared to ever be without it.It has allowed me to stand for longer periods of time,and my heart doesn't feel like it's going to burst out of my chest anymore either.My blood pressure is a nice 110/68,pulse 70,so I am a very happy girl.I am insightful enough to know that everyday won't be this good,so I am enjoying today,enjoying the blue skies and sunshine,and enjoying the wonderful sound of my son's laughter.


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