Monday, September 13, 2010

How I came to be a POTSy head.;o)

Well,on this subject,there is not a lot I know.I have always been sick.My mom remembers me getting ready for school,laying on the bed telling her my heart was pounding and I felt like I was going to faint(classic POTS symptoms).Back then they attributed it to plain "tachycardia" and told me whenever I felt like that to bare down like I was trying to have a bowel movement!It worked for awhile.Fast forward to adult hood.My husband and I began a family.My blood pressure soared out of control and I was placed on bed rest.The baby,Caitlin,survived until one day before my due date,and due to multiple issued pertaining to the high b.p.she died still born. Hard times for Kev and I.We clung to each other and shunned the world,and 10 months later,I was pregnant again,and with a wonderful new Dr who checked me 2 times a week.This little baby was healthy,and I was doing well too.Kevin Jr was delivered by unplanned C section due to his arm compressing the cord. I remember how hard he cried when he was born,and Kevin brought him to me,and as soon as this little guy heard my voice,he opened his eyes and looked at me and stopped crying.Instant bonding and a moment that my hearts scrapbook will always cherish.three months later pregnant again,happy,sad and little k.j. was just a baby!The same wonderful Dr cared for me again,it was a girl this time,so we opted for a repeat c-section and tubes tied,this was the dream family so many wanted.She was born blue.Problems,rushed away from me as I lay there tubes being tied,cut,and burned.Turns out a undiagnosed heart condition that couldn't be picked up on a routine ultrasound,only on a in depth ultrasound they use for families with a history of heart problems.Emily Anne lived for 4 months and had 3 heart surgeries.We mortgaged our home to pay the half million in uncovered expenses.She has her 3rd and final operation at Mayo Clinic.I remember a cold chill going through my body and I looked at Kevin and said "somethings wrong with Emily"right then the Dr's came around the corner.She had made it through the surgery but her little body couldn't come back off the heart lung by-pass machine.How many times can a heart break and mend again,for mine crumbled that day.We returned home to our bouncy 18 month old son who wanted his "baby"oh how my heart ached.Then my health spiraled down down down.First anemia,second a pre- cancerous condition found in my uterus,a hysterectomy,a vein stripping for varicose veins that were pooling blood in my legs.Thyroid condition.I.B.S.Hernia,migrane's,lupus.Then my son got mono.Pretty routine.Took him a month to recover.Then I woke up one morning,and discovered I was sick,very very sick,so sick I couldn't move my arms or legs without pain.Saw my family Dr.I too contracted mono.It took me 3 months to recover from this illness.....but what it left behind,I am still fighting...P.O.T.S. or "Postural Orthostatic Tachycardia Syndrome",a rare heart condition that Dr's do not know much about.

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