Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Propranolol 80 mg capsules 2 times daily.

I am amazed at how this prescription has in just a few short weeks,improved my life.No,my life is still not how it used to be,and when I look at my old life through the rose colored glasses I so often wear,my old life,before I got sick was just about perfect.I could do anything I wanted anytime I wanted to.I could hop in my car and drive anywhere I wanted to at the drop of a hat.But the prescription Propranolol,has given me the first steps back at a life.I can stand longer without my heart pounding,I walked to the mailbox and back yesterday,and didn't feel like I was going to faint!I think I have learned to appreciate the small things in life now.All the small things I want to be able to do on a daily basis with no fainting,or heart pounding,or nausea.Taking a shower,blow drying my hair,putting on make-up.straightening up the house,baking cookies,making supper,going to the movies.All these things are the things that are my "new" life.Things that I want to be able to do again,and I believe that propranolol has put me on the path to doing those things again.I am so thankful that the first prescription I was put on has worked for me.A lot of my friends have to go through a list of medicines,and even sometimes take a saline IV to control their symptoms.So far(knock on wood)I am doing so well on this medicine,I feel like I am getting better everyday.I am also on iron pills to recover from some severe anemia,so between the two medicines,I feel I am getting stronger.I can't believe a little pill has helped me so much.It makes me want to keep my rose colored glasses on a little longer.=O)


  1. I take propanolol as needed and it has been a great med for me. For awhile I was taking a small dose 4 times daily, but now I am weened off to taking it as needed. It is supposed to be a great beta-blocker because it is shorter acting so although you may have to take it more often has way fewer side effects than the other beta blockers I have tried (toprol xl was horrible for me). Glad things are going well on it! :)

  2. Yes,things are going well on it,I am keeping my fingers crossed that they can stay that way!!!