Sunday, September 19, 2010

Pity Party!

What a horrible day Saturday was for a girl who tries to stay optimistic and always see the glass half full.The waves of nausea washed over me again and again until now I feel battered and bruised.The only plus,or optimistic thing this positive minded girl can think of at this point is a) My heart rate is so wonderful,and I am not finding myself winded at the smallest activity that I do.Saturday was such a bad day for me,I woke up feeling good,ate some cereal,but around 10:00 I felt it creeping up on me while at Wal Mart.This nausea is the kind that makes you feel chilled,and you don't want to move at all.I got home,and Kevin had made the most awesome B.B.Q. lunch,the smell just made me so sick,I got the heating pad and laid down and slept for 3 hours.I ate some yogurt when I woke up because that's what my body told me it wanted.I'm getting pretty good at listening to what it says or it will make me pay.The only other thing I can  say to add to my pity party is everyone keeps passing the buck when it comes to giving me some medicine to ease the nausea.My family Dr thinks the prescribing Neurologist should change medicines(NO!!!!!!THIS ONE WORKS SO WELL!!!!)or give me something for nausea.The Neurologist wants me to wait until I see the Cardiologist who will follow me more closely since I am on a medicine that is controlling my heart rate and blood pressure.He(the Neurologist)feels the Cardiologist will know what to do.I have even had advice from a dear friend who suggested we fix the problem ourselves.....just not sure what to do,except right now I am a big baby who wants sympathy.Kevin is wonderful,but I think he hears about me feeling unwell so much,its hard for him to differentiate between unwell and REALLY unwell.I don't feel REALLY unwell,just so damn sick in my stomach.So,here I sit at 2 am,attending my pity party.Any of my blog followers,can feel free to attend. It is B.Y.O.N.(bring your own nausea!) = o)

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  1. aww *big giant bear hugs* you're allowed to have a pity party! you're so damn positive even as you feel you want to yack! I agree about the family. You can say you don't feel well, but we always don't feel well, so they don't always get to what degree. I'm sorry you missed out on the BBQ :-s I'd be calling the cardiologist up and asking about the anti nausea, but it's been hitting you SO badly, and every day since you've been on it, but I don't blame you for not wanting to go off it either if it's helping your pots. You'd be doing so well, considering if you could just get rid of the nausea! &*%^*%^ doctors lol.