Monday, September 20, 2010


Today is a beautiful early fall day here.It's not going to be hot,the skies are a deep blue.The kids have been packed up and sent to school,I have done my chore for the day,which was 2 loads of laundry(I space all my house cleaning out on a daily basis instead of doing everything in one day,that would take me days in bed to recover from!)So what do I plan on doing now?I plan on getting my coziest blanket,and big soft feather pillow,and laying down for a long nap,sleep until I wake up.Part of me feels guilty,but the other part of me wants the nap so bad it's silencing the part of my brain that wants to go outside.I have learned one very important thing from becoming ill.Priorities.What really matters the most.It kind of goes along with the spoon theory,but it's more about making time for what really matters to you.So,the leaves are not falling off the trees yet,they are just starting to turn color,I think there will be another beautiful fall day I can go out and enjoy,when a nap isn't my number one priority. =o)

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