Saturday, September 11, 2010


The title reveals it all right?I have been tossing and turning in bed for 4 hours now and I probably acquired one hours worth of sleep.Quite upsetting to someone who used to sleep like a baby.Big sigh.Well,since I can't sleep,I thought I'd take advatage of this quiet house to write.

POTS is really a mystery illness.In the United States there are very very few Dr's who a) are familiar with the term ,and b)know how to treat it.I got mono almost two years ago from my son,not sure how,I could have drank out of his cup,anyway, I GOT SICK.So sick I was dragging my legs to walk,so weak that pulling the covers up over my body in bed wore me out.My wonderful Family Doctor Diagnosed me,and the road through hell began.I couldn't work,I couldn't do anything I was so ill.I applied for FMLA at work,which bought me a little time as a safety net,but not long.I also noticed new symptoms starting that I had never had before.Electrical jolts in my arms and legs,and even my butt!lol.Numbness in my hands and feet.I told all this to my family Dr,so he referred me to a Neurologist.Next time,I will pick up where I leave this story off.

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