Sunday, October 3, 2010

A blue kind of day.

Don't get me wrong,there have been days that have been much worse than today.Today,the air has a fall crispness to it,the sky is a brilliant shade of blue.I am wearing cozy P.J's,and have a yummy lasagna ready to go into the oven for lunch.So,this girl,who chooses to look at the world through her rose colored glasses sees today as gray.Could be because I have a touch of a bug that has got me down.Could be the anemia that I am fighting(and loosing!The Dr called friday and said even though I have been taking the iron tablet 2 times a day for 2 months now,my iron level is still dropping and they want me to see a hematologist as soon as possible.They will call me Monday morning with an appt date and time)or it could be both things working together like a monkey on my back.All I know is today is a feel down day for me,a day I wish I could curl back up in the covers and go to sleep.Unfortunately life does goes on even though the sheets are calling me,I have two great kids who need my time and attention today.Willow has went next door to visit her papa,and is playing a game with him.K.J. is still sleeping,but if you have read my prior posts,you know it won't be for 17 hours!As soon as the world does not need me so much,I am creeping to my bed,with my cozy feather pillow,and warm blankets,and taking a nap,hoping to wake with fresh perspective on what is left of this beautiful fall day!


  1. aww Loop! *big giant bear hugs* I wish I could come over and watch the kids so you could get your nap in. I'm sorry you're feeling low :( always here if you need to talk!

  2. You are the best of the best!!!!What a great friend you are to me,just by offering!I'll be ok,and get that nap squeezed in sometime,and I will go to bed early tonight too!!!