Monday, October 11, 2010

The Holidays are creeping up on us!

Well,as a dysautonomia sufferer,I know what a challenge it was last year to decorate my home for Thanksgiving,and Christmas.....Oh my,it took me forever,due to the fatigue and lack of energy.Since I am feeling better this year,but I still don't want to over-do it,I have devised a plan.I decorated very simply for Halloween,instead of the usual 3 storage containers I drag out.I put out decorations that are really more "fall" themed than Halloween,that way they will work for Thanksgiving too.In the mean time,starting tomorrow,I am weeding through the 12 storage containers that are full of Christmas decorations!I don't even use all of them.So I am going to take one storage container a day,and make a keep and a donate pile, and hopefully condense the amount of boxes I have.Then right after Thanksgiving,I am putting up the tree as that is the thing that takes the longest!Every day,I will pick one more box of storage out and decorate.That way there is no over doing it...slow and easy.About 4 years ago we had a exchange student from South Korea live with us for a year,and she became such a part of our family.She is coming back and spending the Holidays with us this year over college break.She will get here Dec 20th,and we are all so excited to have her here with us from the 20th until Jan she will be here for Willow's 7th Birthday.So much to look forward to.As I look out the windows,the leaves are still on the trees,but they are changing color now.How quickly one season folds into the next and then another year is over.So this year I am taking the whole Holiday season nice and slow,with lots of photos,so I can savor every second


  1. The tree is killer for me too! Bc of all the time w your arms raised. I had my mom come over and she did the top half and I sat on the floor and did the bottom lol. Besides that I only have one box of around the house stuff thankfully lol.

    That's awesome that you took in an exchange student! It'll be awesome for you to see her again! I almost moved to South Korea to teach English, but pots got in the way. Still plan to go for a year some day!

  2. She is awesome,her name is Lee hyun(like the car Hyundai)Ju.....she made an american name and wanted to be called"Julia" so thats what we called her,and still so....I can't wait to see her,she's like my own kid,***big sigh****she is going to college to be a flight attendant,very prestigious job in south korea.I will let you talk to her on Skype while she is here,if you get your stuff fixed up,its good practice for her english,and she would love to tell you about korea(they dont use deoderant.....I bought her some while she was here,she has no idea what it was..lmao,before she went home she bought like 12 containers,some for dad,some for mom,some for brother...etc)