Sunday, October 3, 2010

Learning the Law.

Well,it was bound to happen one of these days,I knew it would.My 13 year old son who wants to be a law student decided Sunday night was the night to test his parental boundaries.I was in no mood for this,as I didn't feel in top fighting mode anyway.He reasoned one more day home from school would give him time to go over all his homework and make sure is was all accurate before he turned it in.I held my ground firmly,we are going to try half days this week and see how you feel.He then countered with "you never listen to me" I replied"I hear everything you're saying but it does not change a thing,you are going to school half day in the morning ,end of subject"It was NOT the end of subject,he continued peppering me with comments about my love for him,why didn't I care,etc etc,I countered with,"WE would do anything for you,but its time to see if you are well enough to go back to school"This lasted 1 hour.No wonder I am so wore out.After the bombs had blown up or been diffused,we had a big hug session and talked quietly about our different views.I love that boy more than I can describe in words,from the second I knew he was inside of me growing,and generally he is the best kid you could ask for.....last night was a rare exception.Now I can't sleep,too much on this mother's mind.I pray sleep finds me soon,or God help who crosses my path tomorrow.;o)

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  1. I'm glad you had a good hug session afterward. The joys of teenagers. It's almost harder when they aren't normally like that either! I know I don't know first hand since I'm not a mom, but I know I used to test my mom a lot of the arguments.. still don't know why we all do it around that age lol. I hope you get some sleep hun!! *big hugs*