Tuesday, October 19, 2010


Well,it's been a little while since I have updated my blog.Busy fall days are here.I have now been on the propranolol for close to 2 months,and can't believe the difference it's made in my life.My pulse is still around 74,and blood pressure is around 110/74....I can't ask for more.I still tire easily,but I thank God that things have improved for me.I have learned what is enough,and when to let my body rest...that has been the hardest thing for me to learn...when to stop.I felt good enough one day last week I decided to go outside and work in my forlorn landscaping.I knew when I should stop,but I didnt do it,and I spent the rest of the week recovering from that little escapade!I have a plan in place for holiday decorating that should not tax me too much of my energy.I decided to work on one storage container a day,not try to deal with 12 or 13 in one day,like I used to in the old days.So I will be starting earlier than most people,so I can have the decorating done on time.Same with baking.I used to spend one whole day doing the baking,now I'm going to start about a week before Christmas and make one cookie each day,and freeze them for freshness...again,hopefully I will be able to save my energy.
My Dr approved me for a wheel chair.Its next to our bed in the bedroom,and its really for longer journeys.There are times I want to venture out further,such as the zoo with the kids,or the mall,and after a little bit my legs will tire out,but I still want to go!This is the perfect time for the wheelchair.This was very hard for me to accept,because I am so strong willed ,but I realized it's not fair to the people I am with,or my kids to have to cut a trip short because I don't feel like walking anymore.So I have a shiny new chair to take with us on our fall trip to the St Louis Zoo with the kids.They think its so fun to sit in it,and push themselves around in it.I am constantly reminding them that a wheelchair is NOT funny,some people have to rely on them 100% for transportation from room to room,and to be glad mom only needs it for when my legs are tired.I think they get it now.
So,busy fall days,and the holidays just looming around the corner,plus the wonderful propranolol that has helped me to feel so much better have made me so happy.I am looking forward to the next few months,and getting through them with a little more slowness.

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  1. Kids love those things huh? My nephew Nick is obsessed with sitting in my grandpa's walker and having him push him in it lol.

    ANOTHER cool thing about you having the wheel chair... is next Summer! If we're both wanting to check out the place we're staying like go for a walk, etc. then we can bring our chairs with us in case it gets too much... bc it probably will at some point during that week I figure.

    I like your plan for xmas decorating and baking. Annoying bc you like to get stuff done, and when you get in the groove for it you don't want to stop, but I think it's smart to take one box and one treat a day and spread it out. Especially with all the fun... but craziness the Xmas season brings!