Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Propranolol part 3

Today was a wonderful day,thanks to my wonder medicine Propranolol.We started out early taking the kids to school,then spent almost 2 hours leisurely shopping for my groceries at Wal Mart with no dizziness or leg weakness!I then helped my mom load 2 carts full of groceries into her trunk,still feeling good.Came home.cooked lunch,laid down for a power nap,woke up just before the kids came home from school.helped them with their homework,made supper....and I just felt so good today!I can't remember a day I have felt this good in such a long time.I hope its the medicine really taking effect on me,I hope I have more days like this,I hope I feel this good through the upcoming Holidays......but right now,I'm just thankful for today,because it was a reminder of what life used to be.

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