Monday, January 3, 2011

The New Year

Happy New Year everyone.As I said in my last blog update I am going to be better about writing and keeping my blog updated in 2011.I have high expectations for this year.It has to be a better year than 2010,it seems that I spent most of 2010 sick and trying to get a correct diagnosis for my illnesses.Instead of the usual resolutions I always make,such as exercise more,lose weight,which are great,don't get me wrong.This year,I have decided its more than just my physical appearance that needs to be taken care of.This year I am working on the inner Julie.My goals for 2011 include,learning more patience,with myself and with my family.Not to fly off the handle so easily.Not to sweat the small stuff.Enjoy the time I'm spending with my kids,even if I am watching the Disney channel with Willow.More "carpe diem";Seize the day,and enjoying it.More smiles,More laughing,less crying if I can help it.Trying to get to church more.Going to communion just makes me feel peaceful inside.Not going to freak over a little bit of dust.I am a good housekeeper,and I am doing very well at keeping my house clean despite chronic and debilitating health conditions.I am going to be more optimistic,be thankful for every new day I am given.My disability hearing is Jan 18th.I hope I have an understanding judge,who understands dysautonomia,pots,and inappropriate sinus tachycardia,Premature ventricular contractions,along with fibromyalgia,lupus,migraines,irritable bowel syndrome,g.e.r.d,and everything else I deal with.I hope the hearing goes well.Optimisim is my new priority,and I hope I can make those around me feel good too.O.K...enough rambling for today....Thanks for reading,and listening.<3


  1. I think your goals for the year are awesome ones! Do what makes you happy and not put so much pressure on yourself.

    I certainly hope the judge is a good one bc just reading those list of illnesses should be enough for anyone to realize how badly they make you feel!

  2. Your such a sweety,no wonder you're my BFF!~

  3. Great resolutions and I really can't imagine you being impatient ever. Thoughts and prayers for your hearing. May the judge be a good and fair one. <3