Friday, December 24, 2010

Whats up with me and my health?;o)

Remember me?Yeah,its been a long time since I have posted to my blog,to just be truthful,I didn't want to.The past two months have been an  emotional and physical roller coaster for me.All I wanted to do was find out what was wrong with my heart.The Cardiologist I see is one of the best In St Louis,a Professor at Washington University.He is very intelligent and informed about POTS and Dysautonomia.I have been through a battery of tests,including a stress test and echo of my heart.After these two tests I got news that I may have a extremely rare genetic condition known as Short QT syndrome.Talking about rocking my world.It was very bad news.I really was scared and depressed after this,and the research that I did about this disorder,not to mention that I could have passed this on to K.J.I proceeded with a 30 day heart monitor and then a 24 heart monitor and waited to see the Cardiologist.I saw him on Monday and got much better news!Based on the 30 day and 24 hour monitor,they have ruled out the rare genetic condition...that was so good to hear!At this point,the heart problems are this:1.Extra ventricular beats.....this contributes to the palpitations.And 2."Inappropiate Sinus Tachycardia"This is also another cause of the palpitations and chest pain.We are trying to treat both of these conditions via medication.At this time we are experimenting to find the right meds for me.I have been on metoprolol for almost a week....Things seem the same at this point ,but he said it takes a while sometimes to get the medication built up in your system.I see him back in 3 months,unless my symptoms do not improve or get worse..then I am to call him immediately.So thats where I am at this point.I am enjoying time with the kids while they are home on Christmas break,and enjoying the return of our former exchange student from South Korea,Julia.She will be staying with us until the end of January,and will return to S Korea to hopefully get her dream job as a flight attendant for Korean Air.Its a very prestigious job for South Koreans to have.I have no doubt she will get hired.She is beautiful and articulate,and speaks wonderful english,so I can  see her getting this job.I dont know when we will see her again after this visit.Maybe if she gets the job we can meet up with her when she flies to a US city that is close to us,maybe Chicago?

Anyway,this is my much needed update to my blog.I will try to keep it updated better,it's just been such a scary time for me,but now that this is behind me,I am much more hopeful about getting this situation with my heart under control.Surgical intervention is a LAST option,and there are many medicines I can try if needed.Merry Christmas to everyone,all my Facebook friends and family,you know we will be talking soon after Christmas!~God Bless<3

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  1. I'm so glad to see you write. I don't blame you for wanting to take a break until you knew what was going on for sure, but for me, I find blogging is a HUGE help in the venting process and grieving especially in times like those. *big hugs*

    Glad to hear you're all having fun! I loved the pictures I saw! The one of Willow and Julia is too adorable! Miss you tons and will chat lots after the craziness of Christmas is over! xo!