Monday, January 17, 2011

Whats new?

To start with,a big shout out to my very dear BFF,"Fruit".I know you are going through a down time right now,and I am thinking of you every second of the day.I know the way you are feeling,and its a horrible way to feel.I don't know what I can say to make things better for you,except that things will get  better.A year ago was the darkest time in my life,and then I found Face Book,and made so many new friends,including you,that helped pull me out of the pit I was in.Its even harder when on top of being in a pit,you are physically not feeling well,or strong.Its hard to want to do anything.Except Sleep.Anyway,I am here for you,and thinking of you,and sending you my love.

As for me,I am making progress on packing away all these beautiful decorations.Everything is put away now except my 9 1/2 foot tree that is covered with over 1000 lights and hundreds of ornaments....This is going to be the hardest job to do.I just get my strength back,and poof,taking that tree down is going to do me in.I plan on attacking it through this week,and having it down by weeks end.

Tomorrow is a busy day,I see the Hematologist to check on my anemia,and tomorrow afternoon is my disabilty hearing.I pray all goes well.I cant believe its finally my turn for court.I will update after!~

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  1. Aww love you my loop! You truly are the best! I am glad to say I am not as bad as I was before I found the right med.s and got moved on my own, so I know I can fight this! Thank you for being a wonderful BFF!

    Your anemia better be under check! Grrr!!!! It certainly like to get you at the worst times! I'm glad you've been relaxed in taking down the ornaments, etc. but I think that it could also be bc you've been soooo run down lately! Hopefully being back on the original med.s will give you that boost of energy you've been missing and not give you nausea!

    Make sure you email me as soon as you can after the hearing tomorrow. I'll be crossing my fingers and toes, braiding my hair, crossing my eyes... you name it, it's crossed... and I don't know how comfy that's going to be so let me know asap! lol. I hope to God they see this for what it is, bc if they don't, they truly are morons! *hugs*